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Velent (Wayland) was the son of the giant Vadi, who was the son of King Vilkinus and an unnamed mermaid.
When Nidung's daughter visited Velent, to fix her ring, Velent seduced her, where she became pregnant.
He gave these skull cups to Nídud, while he made with the boys' eyes into gemstones, which he gave to Nídud's wife.Velent flew and returned to Sjorland, the land of his father.However, he later lost favour with the king, when Velent killed Nidung's favourite steward, who attacked him.Nidung thought that Velent had been mortally wounded, because the blood of the two princes flowed from Velent's wound.Nídud's wife saw that Wayland was dangerous, even when held captive.Thidrekssaga, he creating a huge winged device that allowed him to fly away, just like in myth.It was said that he flew all the way to Asgard.It was the same ring that Nídud had stolen from Wayland.This was made by Volund, just in case his wife should return.The dwarfs agreed only to take the boy for one year, but during that time les 3 palmiers restaurant rabat they found that boy not only learned quickly, mastering any task that were put before Velent, but that he made object with superior skill.Vadi brought his son home in Sjoland (Zealand because Sigurd, Mimir's foster son was bullying the Velent and the other apprentices.

In a way, he was like the Celtic god Goibhniu, the master craftsman of the Tuatha de Danann and Hephaestus (Vulcan the Greek artisan god of fire, who was the son of Zeus and Hera.
Anguished and angered by the words, Egil to shoot his brother down.
Before he left Nídud, he revealed to the king, how he had murdered Nídud's two son and had inpregnated his daughter.
Velent kept the blood in a sealed bladder.Peace was settled between Otvin troy streaming vf and Velent.Stowing all the tools and treasure in the vessel, he set the vessel adrift in the river to the sea for 18 days.Egil was the first to test the device.Wayland had even reappeared in William Shakespeare's.First Egil killed a lot of geese and gathered the feathers for Velent, who made a winged device.Alvit became Wayland's wife.Nidung died either grief over his sons' death or from shame of his daughter's pregnancy.

Rather than return home, Velent took the entire tool and gold from the dwarfs' cave, and build himself a sort of vessel from the large tree trunk, near the water.