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Trois top 1 fortnite

Extremely humble guy as well.
He is a multitasking gamer who I believe is the best around, but that is only my opinion.
I watched Ninja and Myth plenty and thought to myself these guys have to be the #1 and # 2, then I started hearing this Tfue name so I checked it out within 5 Minutes I knew this guy was better than everyones so called.You dr robert troia omaha can so good building, v 206 Comments 3 iDanstarr, excellent player love watching all his videos yeah definitely an underrated player.Didn't won for a once, v 5 Comments 4, faZe TFue.Better than ninja but a lot V 24 Comments 15 Sypherpk Has a great aggressive play style and is the most underrated Fortnite streamer.He very rarely loses build battles as he can build at the speed of light and as we all know, Fortnite is not a combat focused game, it is a game based on outbuilding the opponent and if you can do that you will probably.Svennoss is the best fortnight player I have ever seen so vote for him.Best console player Unbelievable shotgun Is smelly V 4 Comments 31 Dr DisRespect He will disrespect you Dr Disrespect My Wife - pos_van Why u disrespect Trash 32 Ettnix He is a swede like me and have you seen his no scopes.The only thing I can think of, is that he has died loads of times In 1 v 1 situation simply because he got too cocky.

Tip: Pick up higher quality weapons if you can, they pack more of a punch!
Cleggy You should get a billion subscribers He is underrated and funny, this guy should have 1m subscribers - B1ueNew The Contenders 11 cdnthe3rd So apparently Ali A is better than cdnthe3rd He is better than Ali a trash He's just one of the best.
Kinda sucks at building though.True opinion Insane player.YOU are the best fortnite player.KriszhAdvice 333,616 8, zaccubus 309,172 9, kingRichard215 308,707 10, sevennoss 271,103, highest number OF wins 1, blooTea 1,242 username."they talk about MY snipes"!